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There are few things more frustrating in our daily routines than running into a slow clearing or clogged drain, and realizing you need a proper drain cleaning.

The causes of most clogs are fairly routine, for example in the bathroom it is most likely a build up of hair, skin and soup scum. In the kitchen common reasons for clogs are often due to a build up over time of cooking grease or oil, various food particles, and soap scum.

The best solution to this type of clog is the prevention of them, use hair catching aids to help in the bathroom and refrain from putting oil and grease down the kitchen sink. If you have a chronic problem with clogged drains that are not responding to anything you have tried we will be happy to come out and clear your drains so the water runs smoothly once again.

If you are suffering from drain problems and you have had your pipes cleaned you may have an issue with either your draining slope or the draining vent of your home. Call Big C’s Plumbing Service (918) 218-2224 for all of your Tulsa or Broken Arrow drain cleaning needs, we look forward to working with you.


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